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A) “spot-job" service

Free to all, if you have a job that needs done and you can pay cash, list the work detail, the amount you are willing to pay and the date/time/contact info and if I can’t do it myself I will send a fellow participant.  This will link together passersby who have jobs with homeless people willing to do them.  I do a lot of painting, computer work and yard work for people.  However I do hear of a lot of little jobs that I do not know how to do or cannot do because of physical limitations. I do know quite a few other homeless people who have told me they will register with me for work  You want something done, let us know, you want to work on spot jobs, let us know.



B)  A real hand up.

It seems that my life has been a series of rebuilding.  Along the way I have learned that hard work, determination, ethical and moral decision making, along with a positive attitude is the right combination to pull yourself out of a hole.  However, just once I wish there was someone with a rope to assist.  I have never had the benefit of being assisted.  I have always found myself in the wrong demographic, ineligible for assistance other than food stamps, having to struggle when I could have been making progress.  I have never even heard of a homeless program (let alone seen one) that actually presented itself as a viable pick you up, dust you off and send you running, all the bells and whistles included full package program.


Being homeless gives a person a lot of time to reflect on what went wrong, and what a person could do differently if given the chance.


I want to give 365 (one a day is the hope for the future)  people a real chance, a real do-over.  I want to give an equal amount to all 365, I get the first allotment and Dale gets the second, and the list continues on.  In May the list of participants will be posted to the site.  The only qualifiers, you got to be homeless, wear a t-shirt this summer (even if you have to make your own with a Sharpie) and you have to register with the spot job service.

  • To get this off the ground will take some effort, and expenses.To start what I have to work with is networking within the homeless community to find workers, people to put on a list to get funds once we are rolling, and also to promote it throughout the Detroit Metro Area.

  • Funds received through the site are for the business and I assure you there will be no piercing of the corporate veil. This is a business.The fact that I am homeless has no bearing on how I intend to lead this effort.I will treat it with the same degree of professionalism that all of my former employers or clients will attest to.

  • Without getting into too much detail, I intend to use the first $5,000 the site earns to do a few things. $500 to the IRS to start the 501c(3) application. $100 to MI for articles of incorporation, $1,000 to retain a lawyer, $1,400local cable advertising, $500 print ads, $500 pay-per-click, $500 radio $100 business cards, $400 on T-shirts (for fellow homeless to wear this summer)

  • At that point we will start to see a steady flow, the plan will be refined along the way, the initial intent is to make donations in equal increments to 365 homeless people.Whether that amount is $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000 depends on how quickly this grows.Once I have enough information to make the final decision I will have the lawyer draw up a trust account for the donations.Those on the list will draw teir amount from the trust in order of availability.Once 365 people have been helped, we will either continue on with a new list or make adjustments to the amount and number of people.I have a dream for this that it would continue on into infinity.Helping 365 homeless people a year.

  • If 100 Million Americans pledged to contribute a penny a day for a year, there would be 365 homeless people with a million dollars in their bank account.People will send children in Africa far more, or dogs in peru, or cats in russia, people donate to all types of charities that only use 15% of their earnings on the actual charity.Since this is an e-business with virtually no overhead, I plan to give 95% to the homeless, and spend only 5% on business expenses.No one will ever draw a salary from


C) Expose fake homeless app


There are quite a few people from the suburbs who come down here who have houses, cars, even incomes, and they give real homeless people like me who sleep out here a bad name.  If you suspect someone of being fake homeless, send me their picture and the location where you spotted them flying a sign and I will find out and post them on my site, verified homeless or faking it.


I want to develop an app.  The app would use facial recognition software to match a database.  A person would appear as (really homeless), (Fake Homeless) or (pending research).  It would run on I-phones as well as Androids.  I am teaching myself this skill in my spare time, however if anyone out there has the skill and the will, let me know.

If half of the adult population pledged to give 1 penny every day for a year, it would be enough to give 365 homeless people $1 million dollars a piece.

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